Beginning January 17, 2018

Come out an join us for food, fellowship, and fun. We have something for everyone. Choose from one of the following:

“Gender Roles, Gender Violence, Sexual Expressions of Power, and the Other in the Bible”

Led by Dan Browning
This series will examine selected Biblical passages with themes or subtexts that have found echos in recent headlines. The studies will not follow any study guide and will attempt to avoid any biased approach, apart from the assumption that human nature and God’s desire for what is right are unchanged from biblical times until now. Potential specific topics include:

  • Gender roles in Israel’s foundation traditions (Genesis)
  • Gender violence as a reality in biblical times (Ruth & 1 Samuel)
  • “Holy War,” Tribalism, and The Other (Joshua)
  • Sexual Expressions of power in Israel (2 Samuel & 1 Kings)
  • Women as heroes and villains in later Israel (Esther & Judith)
  • Women in early Christian ministry (Acts & Paul’s letters)

Narrative Lectionary Class

led by Kathryn Kimmel
Have you ever wanted to offer input on the Sunday sermon? Maybe you heard the text and a story popped to mind. Maybe you had a perfect picture for the bulletin cover. Do you enjoy exploring the stories of scripture to see what all might be discovered within? This class will read together the upcoming sermon text and think together about what we might find there. Be prepared to be engaged in some unconventional methods of learning. Hope to see you there!

Stories Behind Great Hymns

led by Taylor Hightower
We will explore the history behind some of the great hymns of our faith. We will not only discuss the words and music of these hymns, but will also look at the poets and composers themselves.

Book Study

led by Jim Bishop
Consider the Birds: A Provocative Guide to Birds of the Bible
Starting Wednesday, January 17th, a small group will undertake a book study of “Consider the Birds” by Debbie Blue, which is loosely based on an earlier book “Birds of the Bible” published early last century. Several Audubon members have agreed to participate and Dr. Larry Smith, one of Pine Belt’s best birders is planning to share his expertise and help lead this study where we will examine scripture and birds and have fun in looking at new ways in considering God and God’s creations both in our personal life and in the life of our world.

Work Group Kitchings Wing

Have you been sitting all day? Do you need to get up and move? We have just the group for you. Wear your old clothes and get ready to do some real work. This semester we will be pulling up carpet and tearing out walls in the Kitchings wing to prepare for a new art area.