UBC Kids are immersing themselves in the Biblical story each Wednesday night. Using a curriculum called Holy Moly, we are exploring the stories of God and God’s people through watching animated videos, reading the stories together, and engaging in creative activities. We followed the stories of the Old Testament, from Abraham to Solomon, watched as the Advent story came to life, and are now beginning a New Testament story unit.

We’ve seen Sarah and Abraham grieve the absence of children in their life and rejoice in expecting and birthing Isaac. We watched Rebekah and Isaac fall in love before the twins Jacob and Esau both sought their father’s blessing. We watched as Jacob wrestled with the angel and trickery turned into reconciliation. We followed Joseph through his dreams of being above his brothers to his descent into the pit before being sold off into slavery, and we saw the power of forgiveness and love as he and his brothers and father were reunited. We learned about faithfulness as Ruth followed Naomi back to her homeland and discovered through the story of David that size and smell aren’t all God looks for when picking a King. We watched as the angel gave the news to Mary and then Joseph of this baby that would be, traveled with Mary to see Elizabeth and with Mary and Joseph as they made their way to Bethlehem. We watched as the wise men ran into Herod on their way to find the little one who filled them with more joy than they knew was possible. We have laughed, we’ve asked hard questions, and we’ve learned that God’s work is often unexpected. We’ve seen God use children and older people to do good in the world. We’ve experienced through watching these stories the power of forgiveness, and we’ve seen the easy way is not always the wise way.

Ask some of the kids on a Wednesday night about these stories. They can tell you everything that happened, and if you’re lucky, they might just do an impression of a character or two! Thank you for supporting our children and delighting in the learning that is happening in this place. It’s an exciting thing to watch them grow!