Here are some interesting facts about our Church Media Center:

♦ We have 3,971 items which are divided into the following categories: Easy (Children), Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Biographies, Large Print, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Video/ Audio Cassettes, and Filmstrips.
♦ Within the 2,248 books in the Non-Fiction Section, the Religion Section’s 1,784 volumes are divided under the headings of Bible, Theology, God, Jesus, Humankind, and Christian Church History.
♦ There are 1,294 Fiction books, including 64 books in the Large Print Section and 20 Easy books.
♦ The remaining 429 materials are Video/Audio Cassettes and Filmstrips.
The procedure for checking out an item is very easy. If a Library Committee member is not present to check the item out for you, just use the form provided on the desk. Fill in your name, date, and the Barcode Number (front cover, bottom right of item) and leave the form on the desk.

Please use our Church Media Center; there is a wealth of information literally at your fingertips!