The Library Media Center at UBC is well stocked with print materials – videos –audio CD’s. How about planning a movie night at home. Come by and check out a video, pop some popcorn and enjoy. Videos are available for the young and adults.

Going on a road trip? Make the miles fly by as your listen to a book on CD. We have wonderful books for your listening pleasure.

No time to visit the National Parks! No problem! Check out National Geographic National Parks on DVD. This collection of our National Parks is amazing. If you have visited the parks, seeing them again will bring back good memories.

Ask yourself this question. Have I visited the library lately? If the answer is no, make a point to drop by this week …The library is open anytime the church is open. Check out forms are on the desk. Sign out your selections on the form whether anyone is on duty or not! Become a patron of your Library Media Center.