I am never amazed at the number of talented writers our state has produced. A new writer to me that has become a favorite of mine is Ramona Bridges who lives in Seminary, Mississippi. The title she chose for Sweet By and By is perfect for the book because “by and by” the main character finds happiness. This is a faith-based book about real life like characters who face tragedies and losses but find the courage to overcome these obstacles. You will find yourself laughing with some, and some you will want to beat with an ugly stick! The stories she writes are set in horse and buggy days when life was simpler but filled with hard work. You will read sayings you remember hearing your parents and grandparents say.

byeandbyeMost of us love to read books with southern flair and her books are filled with details of Mississippi. The cover picture on the front of this book is her grandmother’s home. The story tugs at the heart strings from page one. There are lots of twists and turns to keep the reader wondering what will happen next. It is defi- nitely not a book you can put down after a few chapters! Sweet By and By is the first book of a series of three. All three books will be placed in our library.