During Spring Break, Marcus and I visited the war memorial at Camp Shelby with our grandson, Thomas. As I walked through the Vietnam section I thought about the people I knew who were involved in this action. My nephews’ dad, Captain John Mitchell Nash, who recently passed away, was a Navy pilot who flew many missions and was one of nine selected to be a “top gun” instructor. He is profiled in the book Screams of Eagles that is in our church library. Read this book and you will meet some real heroes.

Next, I thought of Colonel George Hall, who also recently passed away. Colonel Hall was held a prisoner in Vietnam for seven years. Recalling his slogan of “Home with Honor” brings tears to my eyes. His book, Commitment To Honor, has a place of honor in our library. I invite you to read it, also. Lastly, I thought of Captain Harley Hall who has never been found. He was shot down during the last action and was seen running away from his para- chute. Susan Keen, wife of Dr. Jack Keen, who was a partner with Marcus, has written a book entitled, Left Alive to Die, which also holds a place of honor in our library. His story is one that pulls at the heart-strings. Susan, along with his wife, Mary Lou, fought the “powers that be” to find out what had happened to Captain Hall. To this day, there is no answer.

There is also a beautiful picture and profile of the life of Mrs. Kitty Bishop, Jim’s mother and a display of Medal of Honor winner, Jack Lucas, who lived in Dixie and was my mother’s dear friend. His book, Indestructible: The Unforgettable Story of a Marine Hero at the Battle of Iwo Jima is also in also in our library.

Come by and check out these books and be sure to visit the war memorial. And remember to thank God for all the brave men and women in our armed forces past and present.

Submitted by Billie Hogan