“What is TRIPOD?”

TRIPOD 2016 is an arts festival hosted by University Baptist Church. We will kick off the weekend with our monthly Back Door Coffeehouse night where we have an evening filled with the finest entertainers the music industry has to offer. Cary Hudson and Thomas Jackson – two of Mississippi’s best guitarist and singer-songwriters will be featured. Sarah-Bryan Lewis will be returning to our stage. Scott Chism & The Better Half — Scott Chism and Lindsey Terry are the good kind of country/Americana mix we love live!

The following day, we will offer workshops taught by grammy winner song-writer Tricia Walker and Nationally recognized published poet Sharon Gerald. Our featured Saturday evening performers are the folks blues band The Mulligan Bros. Our festival will conclude with our Sunday morning worship.

Tripod Workshop Registration

Cost (includes morning and afternoon workshops, lunch,  Q&A)

General: $15.00

Cardboard Creation: $5

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“Who are these artists and what might I expect to get out of attending their workshop classes?”

Tricia Walker

( Singer / Songwriter )

triciawalier3Tricia Walker’s resume runs from the Mississippi Delta to Nashville and back. Along with touring with the likes of Shania Twain, Paul Overstreet, and Connie Smith, she has penned songs recorded by Faith Hill, Patty Loveless and Alison Krauss (whose performance of Tricia’s Looking In The Eyes Of Love won a Grammy). Tricia’s style is influenced by Memphis R&B, Texas swing, New Orleans jazz, black gospel, and ’60s radio. People should bring any song they are working on or would like to share for that session. Tripod participants will have the opportunity to work with Tricia perfecting their own crafts.

Sharon Gerald

( Poet / Teacher / Writer / Photographer )

Sharon GeraldPoet, teacher, writer and photographer Sharon Gerald is the author of Thin Is The Kingdom. In Sharon Gerald’s wise and resilient poems, “Beauty swills about like / morning coffee.  Sleek black cats yearn toward sparrows  / forever out of grasp.  Dogwoods come to visit,” – Angela Ball.

In Sharon’s morning session we’ll work on generating ideas for poetry and discuss a variety of techniques for crafting a poem. We’ll do some hands on work that traces the process of drafting poetry from the moment of tapping into creativity to the art of weaving ideas into lines and stanzas. The afternoon session will be dedicated to discussing strategies for critiquing, editing, and preparing a poem for publication. We explore options for finding an audience for poetry, and we will select poems from the group to be included in the evening program. This is a unique opportunity for a hands-on experience with a renowned creative artist.

“Why does University Baptist Church want this event to happen?”

University Baptist is a church with a spiritual vision and heart for humanity that wants to extend affirmation of the shared creative gifts we believe are inherent to all of us from our birth. The creative spark is part of what defines us as human, a signature flourish of the Creator! We believe the sharing and exercise of this trait works to the ultimate good of all. It demands honesty, integrity, and trust. It invites understanding and communication that can bridge chasms of fear and doubt that often separate us from others. We invite everyone to consider connecting through this experience.


“So, what follows? ”

Through the Back Door Coffeehouse (a connection with talents both local and national) we have come to understand the universal and deeply personal appeal of interactive live performances with our writers, poets, and musicians in a relaxed and friendly environment. We have come to appreciate that our community has a great many talented artists and a large number of interested adults who would like to continue connecting, mentoring, and sharing experiences in these arts. Our hope is to encourage and promote these rising opportunities for connection in the city of Hattiesburg. TRIPOD is our commitment to becoming a resource for such connection and development on the interpersonal level.


“So, how do I get involved with this? ”

First, if you wish to attend the events and participate in the workshops, registration opens September 14. If you have friends or are a member of a club or group that you believe would enjoy participating, please consider sharing our flyers and inviting them to attend with you. If you know performing artists that would like to be involved with this initiative in helping establish Tripod as an on-going yearly festival please put them in contact with us as we look towards the future. If you have ideas that are related to this event please feel free to contact us. We are not in competition with any other venues and look forward to meeting you and developing a friendship. Help us learn more about the creative expression of our community through your own individual perception.

What is the Cardboard Creation Challenge?


9:30- ll:30 (more time if desired) on the front lawn of U.B.C. At 3200 Arlington. Registration: $5.00 Large cardboard panels and fastener kits* are provided.

All artists who participate in this event are invited to bring their more permanent art work for display or purchase to the campus at 6pm to set up before the 7:30 Mulligan Brothers concert audience arrives.

Artists are encouraged (singly or in teams) to construct free standing cardboard towers or sculptures to stir the imagination of the beholder. Height is encouraged and imagination and originality are urgently desired. The imagined concept is to create a magical garden of diverse shapes and expressions utilizing the three dimensions for an impermanent art event celebrating the creative spirit in us all. Some butterflies live only for the day yet their beauty lives on.

(The fastener kits are large metal fender washers with short nuts and bots to tighten sections of cardboard together. Some utility knives will be available but we ask artists to bring their own cutters. If you have little experience with making free standing large cardboard structures, our cardboard master in residence will be happy to illustrate the simple techniques to set you free.)


Friday, November 11

The Back Door Coffeehouse (Doors open at 7:00pm – performances begin at 7:30pm). Our opening event of the weekend will be the monthly Coffeehouse/Listening Room with music from Cary Hudson and Thomas Jackson, Sarah-Bryan Lewis, Scott Chism & the Better Half.

Admission Cost: Donation

Saturday, November 12

Registration: (8:30 – 9:00)

Morning Workshops: (9:30 – 11:30)
Tricia Walker: “A Songwriter’s Toolkit” or Sharon Gerald: “Finding Your Muse”

Lunch (Catered): (11:30 – 12:30)

Afternoon Workshops: (12:30 – 2:00)
Tricia Walker: “Share a Song” or Sharon Gerald: “From Inspiration to Publication”

Artist booths will be set up and available to view beginning at 6:00 Saturday evening.

The Mulligan Brothers show will begin at 7:30.

Sunday, November 13

Everyone is invited to Sunday morning worship

(Sunday school: 9:45 – Worship service – 11:00 )

Tripod Workshop Registration

Cost (includes morning and afternoon workshops, lunch,  Q&A)

General: $15

Cardboard Creation: $5

Register Now!