Let us give thanks for:

The sounds of laughter, discovery, and wondering in the children’s rooms
The questions being asked and creativity expressed in Wednesday night Youth meetings
Eight weeks of diving into studies of scripture, our denomi-network, and Christian practices
A full fellowship hall on Wednesday nights and home-cooked meals
New relationships forming with students at USM
Discovering more about our surrounding Hattiesburg community at Primetime
Dinners at church members’ homes
The sounds of the choir on Sunday morning
Exploring the stories of God together
The current Artist in Residence creating original work for the December Celtic Service
Partnerships with churches around us
The many gifts being developed and shared at UBC
A beautiful new labyrinth on our front lawn
The kitchen committee’s delicious food
Church members’ caring for one another
A library full of good books to read
A church who loves well and seeks to be faithful to God’s ways A God who offers relationship, love, and wonder

UBC, there are so many things to be thankful for this month. I could go on for pages, but instead, I am asking that you let me know what you are thankful for right now. Add to this list. Let us give thanks for the many good things that are and will be right here at UBC.

With love and gratitude for all of you,