This report will be presented to the congregation for approval on Sunday, November 23, at the beginning of the morning worship service. In the November 12 business meeting, we will also consider for approval those nominated by the Deacon Nominating Committee to serve three-year terms as deacons and as members of the General Nominating Committee.

Each year, our General Nominating Committee gives time and careful thought to filling our UBC committees with members who are willing to use their time and abilities to assist the church in its ministries. The committee strives to match the interests of our membership with the work of the congregation. If you are interested in serving in a particular area of ministry, we invite you to share that request with next year’s General Nominating Committee members. At UBC, we hope everyone finds a place of meaningful service.

Deacon and General Nominating Committee Election

The Deacon Nominating Committee is finishing up its work and will present a slate of nominees to the church on Sunday, November 9, as stated by our bylaws (nominees are to be presented on the Sunday before the November business meeting). Up to six additional nominees may be brought to the floor of the November 12 business meeting. Prior to making a nomination, any nominees must have been contacted and agree to serve faithfully if elected. On Sunday, November 16, a final list of nominees for Deacon and General Nominating Committee will be published to the church. Election to the offices will take place on Sunday morning, November 23.