It has been a month…

In worship, we have been exploring the many places God shows up in the world and the many lessons the world has to teach us about God. We have imagined God in the roots, the dirt, the water, and the sky. We have considered how God is as close as the ground we walk on and mysteriously out of reach. We have imagined God’s love connecting us to one another – Jesus calls God our father and makes all of us one family.

In the world, we have witnessed great divisions, acts of hate, natural disaster, and incredible, courageous love. We have seen and heard how racism and white supremacy continue to divide our nation in the protests surrounding civil war monuments. We have seen a city devastated by Hurricane Harvey. And we have seen how little difference mattered as people braved the waters of Houston to rescue people from floods.

With all that has happened this month, let us pause before we rush into the next month:

Lord, give us courage to be people of love. Help us to speak honestly about our past and present so that we might make a better future. Have mercy on those whose lives have been turned upside down by the storms in Houston. Thank you for the many who have risked their own lives to help. Give us vision to see you in one another and the nerve to follow your ways. Amen.

As we reflect on this passing month and look forward to a new season, I offer words from Mary Oliver: “[Our] work is loving the world.”

In Peace and Hope,
Kat Kimmel