The Soul of Midtown: A Place of Prayer

Sundays, June 3 – July 7

We pray it in worship, in huddles on athletic fields, under our breath in times of crisis, as a means of meditating, we hear it sung at weddings and funerals. Even if you’ve never walked into a church, you likely know some of the words to the most well-known prayer of Jesus. We call it the Lord’s Prayer because it is a prayer Jesus taught his followers to pray.

But have you ever stopped to consider what its words mean and how they might direct us in connecting to the God of our creation and redemption?

Join us this summer at UBC as we open up the Lord’s Prayer and explore the wisdom it provides us in connecting our lives to the life of God.

June 2: Our Father in Heaven

June 9: Your kingdom Come

June 16: Give Us This Day

June 23: Forgive Us Our Trespasses

June 30: Deliver Us From Evil

July 7: Prayer and Communion Service

In addition to Sunday morning worship, I will be hosting a few of book discussions on Mondays at Javawerks. If you would like to join me in reading N.T. Wright’s The Lord and His Prayer, you can come out to Javawerks at 8.00am or 5.15pm. Wright provides a brief chapter for each verse of the Lord’s Prayer, we’ll read the chapter that corresponds to the previous day’s sermon. (The church office has several copies of the book, you can purchase one for $10 or order your own print or e-book copy).