This month’s Spotlight is on one of our very own members! David W. Walker

David W. Walker has many talents and interests. He is a published author of four books, a writer for literary, co-manager of the “The Back Door” which is a monthly coffeehouse that showcases writers and musicians.

David is a retired teacher of twenty-eight years. His writing covers subjects from historical fiction, mystery and children’s fantasy. The Traitors :Who Can Stop The Last Diabolical Axis Secret Weapon? was written by David in 2010. Since then he has published The Final Deduction, My Father’s Friend, and Alexander’s Ring. Although David’s books are stand alone, Alexander’s Ring is the first of the Clay Latham Series. It is a mystery with an unlikely private investigator set in Southern U.S. You will find David’s books in our Library.

(Note: Please let Billie Hogan know if you would like a certain book purchased for our library.)