Have you ever saved someone’s life? Laura Schroff’s book An Invisible Thread recounts the story of how two lives were saved—the life of a young boy and her own. A “chance encounter” on the busy streets of New York City between Laura, a busy sales executive, and Maurice, an eleven-year-old boy begging for money to buy himself a meal, led to many meals and a relationship that would grow into much more than friendship. It was the beginning of a new family.

Laura passed him by at first, then inexplicably turned around, went back to him, and offered to buy him lunch at McDonald’s. What was it that drew her back? Her mother had told her years earlier about “an invisible thread” that joins people together in sometimes unorthodox ways, offering a connection that enriches, nurtures, and fulfills needs that only that connection can provide. Laura and Maurice’s lives were both changed that day, and the thread twisted and turned through the years to weave a beautiful tapestry.

You will enjoy reading An Invisible Thread. Come check it out at our church library today.