It’s hard to believe May is already here. What a whirlwind these 4 months have been.Untitled
Rani and I arrived in Waco a week before classes started, unsure if we would even have an apartment ready to move into the day before the move. But God was faithful through it all and we quickly settled in. We were fortunate Rusty was in Waco that first week—it was good having a friendly face here as we adjusted to the move and struggled to catch our breath. Before I knew it, school was in session and I was living the student life once again.

The folks at Truett have been kind, welcoming and gracious all along. It is a truly special place, one of rigorous academics and genuine spirituality. I feel honored to be counted among the 300+ ministerial hopefuls from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities. This semester has been challenging not only intellectually, but for my spiritual growth as well. I believe I am already being formed into a more thoughtful follower of Christ, forced to grapple with issues of identity and faith that will determine the sort of minister I will one day become. In all of this, the graciousness of UBC’s affirmation of me in my calling has served as my truest motivation. Because of the love you as a church family extended to me in my time among you, I am encouraged and determined in this course to live into the vocation I first discovered in your midst.

God has continued to provide for us as we gradually settle in to life in the strange land of Texas. Rani landed a job teaching pre-schoolers at a local daycare within the first month—what a great blessing!—and is having a lot of fun in this new experience, even if it does wear her out some days. I followed Rusty’s footsteps even further than Truett and took on a position at Baylor University Press, where I have been warmly received by a fantastic team under the tutelage of Carey Newman (ask Rusty about him, he’s quite a character). We are doing well, better in fact than I could have hoped for this early on. We would not have made it this far without the support you provided in our transition, and we are deeply grateful.

By the time you read this, finals week will be underway. Remember me in my time of trial, especially under my scriptures professor Dr Lai Ling Ngan (ask Rusty about her too!). Also be in prayer that Rani and I can find a church home soon where we will find a welcome anywhere close to what we received from you!

Thinking of you, rejoicing with you in your growth, hoping for God’s direction in the bright days ahead, and sending you my love. God willing, we will see you again within the year! Until then, in the peace of Christ,

Cade and Rani