Godly Play

“The stories in Godly Play form our identity as we wonder about who God is and who we are in relation to this God.”

— Rev. Kathryn Kimmel, Associate Minister


What is Godly Play?

Godly Play offers a creative, child-honoring way of entering into and experiencing the biblical story. In Godly Play, we play with the language of God and God’s People: our sacred stories, parables, liturgical actions and silence. Through this powerful language, through our wondering, through the community of players gathered together, we hear the deepest invitation of all: an invitation to come play with God.


Godly Play at UBC

i-X7HrDNW-XLAt 9:45am each Sunday, UBC opens its doors to children to come in and discover God’s love through the timeless stories of our faith.

Godly Play is a discovery method of teaching which engages the whole child – hands, heart, mind, senses and intuition. As children gather in the storytelling circle, they have opportunity to enter the biblical story, wonder about it and then create meaning for their lives.

Godly Play allows children to work with materials that engage all the senses in a safe, stimulating environment. In this way, Godly Play combines and integrates the two primary gateways to knowing for young children – language (the verbal system) and play (the nonverbal system).

Godly Play offers a child-accessible version of the ancient spiritual practice of lectio divina: holy reading, wondering and responding to the Bible’s sacred stories. Godly Play helps children know God and the Bible instead of simply knowing about God or about the Bible.

Each of our Godly Play teachers has received training and certification from the Godly Play Foundation. They are prepared to embark on a journey of faith discovery with your child. Come join us!





Godly Play Ministerial Leadership

Rev. Kathryn Kimmel, Associate Minister
Dr. Rusty Edwards, Pastor

Certified Godly Play Teachers
Dee Bishop
Chris Carson
Kevin Greene
Elizabeth LaBeaud
Lawrence LaBeaud
Lida McDowell