Special Report! UBC Flamingos Migrating. If you wake up on a Saturday morning to discover a flock in your yard, don’t panic.

Look on your front door to find contact information for an official UBC Flamingo Wrangler. Our Wranglers possess special skills to safely remove your birds. But that comes at a cost…

Any Donation: Flamingos will be Removed.
$50+: You can choose whose yard is next.
$100+: You can send all 50 flamingos to a “friend.”

Insurance Policies that will keep the flamingos out of your yard are also available for any donation—contact the church office.

Who will be next?

Parkman’s flocking report: These crazy birds woke us up this morning screaming “B and B and B”. We gave them a bed and breakfast and bath. They thanked us over and over and over. There was no mention of needing cash!