The Deacon Nominating Committee is finishing up its work and will present to the church on Sunday, November 8 (as stated by our bylaws, nominees are to be presented on the Sunday before the November business meeting). A slate of five nominees for deacon and two for the General Nominating Committee will be presented. The five deacon nominees will replace the four whose terms are expiring this year. They will begin serving three-year terms (2016-2018) in January. One will fill the remaining two-year term of our current vacancy. Presented also will be two nominees to serve on the General Nominating Committee for three-year terms to replace the two members who will rotate off this year.

Up to seven additional nominees may be brought to the floor at the November 11 business meeting. Prior to making a nomination, any nominees must have been contacted and agreed to serve faithfully if elected. The final slate of nominees will then be published for a vote to be held on Sunday morning, November 22.