Offered by Cade Jarrell in Morning Worship on March 30

God of truth, how often we are turned aside and torn between conviction and constraint—we desire to know the “right way,” but the demands of a ruthless world narrow our vision and sour our disposition. The questions and doubts raised by a lifetime of searching can clutter our minds and weigh down our hearts; disappointment and misdirection bring us to the point of despair, or disinterest, or even disgust. But you are faithful, O God of revelation, even to us your people when we grow weary of trying to discern truth in the midst of “trial and tribulation,” whether the struggle is intellectual or relational. You heal our minds and turn our hearts to you and one an- other that we might live out the gospel of your love—and that, we know, is where your truth dwells. So draw us into that path of servitude and devotion, teach us to not merely know the truth but to do it. And as the kingdom comes to life in us, let that truth of your faithful love stand as a beacon in a world of many illusions and disillusionment, where truth is often determined by power, by money, by duty, by agendas, by image. May we find our footing and renew our sense of direction as we follow after the truth embodied in your Son who taught us to seek the true way of your salvation. Amen