UBC family,

I don’t think there is a truly adequate way to express my deep indebtedness to you as a congregation. What a wonderful fellowship of Christian love thrives among you! How graciously you have taken me in, and cared for me, and inspired me to grow. University Baptist has become a place I consider home. Such delightful and lovely memories have been made in the three years I have been a part of this community of faith. This is where I grew into my ministerial vocation; this is where I learned the full measure of what a vibrant, Christ-centered church can look like; this is where my wife Rani and I began our life together, surrounded by you and your embrace.

As Rani and I prepare to pursue the next phase of our journey together, we look back on our experience at University Baptist with warm fondness, and immense thankfulness. It is because of you, and the dynamic kingdom life in which you all so sincerely participate, that I find myself drawn to continued work in the ministry—my time with you has not only developed me as an individual, it has directly impacted my life’s direction. God has been at work in all these things, of course, and in the most humbling, meaningful way: through the relationships we have built together. It has been my profound joy to serve alongside you and share with you. It has been my chief honor to work with your youth, remarkable young people with great heart and great potential. I urge you, in parting supplication, to never forget the value of our youth to the life of this congregation; they have much to offer that may never be brought forth without your encouragement. And I know they will find it in this place, just as I have.


There is no doubt I will miss you all and the exciting things happening here, but the next step is taken in eagerness and confidence nurtured by your affirmation of my calling. And who can say when life and happy chance might bring me back again, rejoicing to your doors?


In the peace of Christ,